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Gloebit provides the following services to help you get your game to market faster and easier. Let us save you money and time while providing a better product for your customers. Choose only the services you want.

Get an overview of our services:
Service Overviews

OpenSim Gloebit Money Module Beta

OpenSim Logo

Beta Testing Now!

We have integrated our digital currency service with OpenSim via an addon module.

  • No coding required.
  • Drop in the module.
  • Edit our config file.
  • Allow user-to-user micro-transactions on your grid.

Learn more about the money module and our beta program:
OpenSim Gloebit Money Module Beta

Benefits of Using Gloebit Services

For Your Developers

For Your Company

For Your Users

More benefits information:
Digital Curreny & Transaction Service benefits

Get Started Using Gloebit Services

Get started now:

  1. Create a Gloebit merchant sandbox account.
  2. Configure the Gloebit API settings for your application.
  3. Grab our API and example code for your language/toolkit.
  4. Quickly integrate and test in our sandbox.
  5. Go live when you are ready to launch.

It's fast and free!

Want more details behind these steps?
Check out our Getting Started Guide

Customer Authorization Experience




Take a look at an Example Authorization Flow

Monetizing with gloebits

What are gloebits?

Gloebits are a digital currency designed for in-app purchases, especially micro-transactions. Users can spend gloebits in any application intregrating Gloebit's Digital Currency & Transaction Service. Gloebit manages all accounts and transactions for you.

What will your users experience using gloebits?

What will your users experience using gloebits?

Gloebit accounts are universal. The gloebit balance in an account is available to all Gloebit-integrated applications.

Gloebit Account Ribbon

After granting Gloebit authorization for your application, your customers can spend their gloebits with one click from within your application without leaving it. It's smooth and fast, and it keeps the user engaged in your application.

What will you experience using gloebits?

What will you experience using gloebits?

As a merchant using the Gloebit services, you price and sell your products in gloebits.

Tic-tac-toe Purchase Screen

When you sell products to your customers via the Gloebit transaction service, you receive gloebit proceeds in your merchant account. You can spend these gloebits with other merchants or sell them and withdraw the proceeds. Gloebit keeps records of all transactions and provides an exportable transaction history for your account.

What about gloebits for user-to-user transactions?

What about gloebits for user-to-user transactions?

If you would like to allow user-to-user transactions within your application, gloebits are the best way to do so. The Gloebit services enable small, trusted transactions, and using gloebits provides you with a new revenue stream from user-to-user transaction fees. Please contact us to discuss making this offering available to you.

Visit our Monetizing page for more gloebits details

Prices for Gloebit Services

Gloebit charges 2% on all gloebit transactions.

2% fees instead of 30%

All other Gloebit services are free of charge!

No monthly fees. No credit card fees. No chargeback fees.

Read the regular-sized print on all our Pricing Details

Integrating Gloebit Services

Getting Started

Want to start integrating a Gloebit service?
Try it out for free on our sandbox server.

Create an account there, add an application,
read up on our interfaces or grab an API,
integrate it, and test full functionality.

For step-by-step instructions:
Read our Getting Started Guide

Service Interfaces

Gloebit services are accessed via RESTful calls. We documented the interface details to help you add the necessary HTTP requests.

Or if you want to avoid coding HTTP calls,
check out the Plugins information below.

For available endpoints and HTTP details:
Gloebit Service Interface Details

Plugins, APIs, and Code Examples

For easier integration we created (and are creating) plugins and APIs for various languages, frameworks, and platforms. Below we list the more popular ones and provide direct links to their sources. If you don't see the plugin, API, or language you need, contact us so we can work with you on creating an integration solution.

OpenSim Logo

Money Module Addon - beta!

Unity 3D Logo

Plugin available!

HAXE Toolkit Logo

Class (API) available!

Python Logo

Module (API) available!

Working examples available:

PHP Logo

Code example available.

We also have a page with more details:
Visit our Plugins, APIs, and Code Examples page

Open Source

We are a big fan of open source tools. If, in your development, you create a tool which would be useful for our community of developers such as wrapping our calls in a new language, or designing a great front end to tie into our character system, and you’re willing to make it available, please let us know. We’ll be happy to take a look and provide it for general use.