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Benefits of Using Gloebits

We created Gloebit to help streamline your in-app purchases. Here are some of the advantages of using gloebits as your digital currency and the Gloebit Digital Currency service for your purchases.

Developer & Merchant Benefits

Our goal is to provide you a great service at a low cost while making your job easier. Here are benefits you will gain by choosing the Gloebit Digital Currency Service.

Easy integration

Save on development time with Gloebit. Integrating a single traditional payment method can take weeks or months. We've done the leg work to integrate several so that you don't have to, and we'll continue to add new payment methods. Integrating with Gloebit can be done in days if not hours. Find out more about our streamlined integration.

Enable Micro-Transactions

Small, in-app purchases have become the optimal method for monetizing games and other applications. Our service is the simplest, lowest-cost means to enable in-app micro-transactions for any internet-connected application. See more on the experience of monetizing with gloebits.

Reduce Cost

The industry standard for an in-app micro-transaction service is 30% plust additional hidden fees. Building an in-house solution carries exorbitant engineering costs, fraud risks, and regulatory hurdles. Gloebit takes only a 2% fee out of in-app transactions. That's a 93% reduction in cost. Find out more about Gloebit's amazing pricing.

Increase Monetization

Gloebit's primary focus is optimizing your monetization. We provide a short, simple, safe flow for new consumers, and a one-click in-app purchase mechanism for returning consumers, resulting in increased conversion to monetizing users. Using a non-USD price and transaction has been shown to increase total spend by monetizing users. Providing a currency which is consumable across multiple applications instead of an applications specific currency increase consumer purchase size and likelihood that a consumer will try purchasing in an application.

Consumer Benefits

Gloebit is on a mission to connect the world through a universal digital currency. Here are a few reasons why that is great for your customers.

Trust & Safety

With Gloebit, the consumer is in control, feels safe, and is more likely to try applications from small developers. Traditional payment information such as credit card details is shared solely with Gloebit where it is secure. Consumers are only ever risking their gloebit balance with an approved application, and can revoke access to that balance preventing unwanted future charges.

Ease of Use

Consumers can link an application to their Gloebit account in two clicks. They immediately have access to their Gloebit balance within that application to use as they like. When consumers want to purchase more gloebits, they have multiple popular standard payment methods to choose from and which they can store for future purchasing. No more searching for a wallet to purchase in the latest application.

More Payment Options

By specializing as a service, Gloebit can focus on providing additional payment methods while our partners focus on bringing consumers better products. Gloebit currently accepts credit cards, PayPal, Amazon and Bitcoin, and is working on methods for international and unbanked consumers.

Single Information Location

Many tiresome activities which used to be per-application actions are now a single action on the Gloebit website. Replacing a credit card is not a hassle. Verifying or disputing a transaction from the unified consumer transaction history on Gloebit is a breeze. Make your consumers happy by making their lives simpler.

Lower Prices

Gloebit is disrupting the payments industry with a low-cost service. Those savings to our development partners translate into lower prices and better applications for consumers.


Consumers have the freedom to spend gloebits across many applications. Using a digital currency for micro-transactions requires purchasing in bulk. Consumers do not want to be locked into an application-specific currency, and often choose not to purchase at all rather than take the risk of having funds locked into an application they tried and didn't like. With gloebits, there is no risk and no restraint. That freedom makes consumers happy and more likely to purchase in a new application.