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Gloebit Plugins, APIs, and Code Examples

All of the Gloebit services are accessible via HTTP requests. You can make requests directly to the endpoints using the information from our Gloebit Service Interface Details page. To make integration easier, we have created plugins and APIs wrapping the HTTP accesses and hiding those pesky details. They are listed below. In some cases, we have code examples instead, which are also listed below. If there is a framework, toolkit, or language that you would like us to create a plugin, API, or examples for, contact us and we will get to work on it for you.

Gloebit Money Module Beta DLL for OpenSim

We've completed a full integration of our digital currency with OpenSim which we're now beta testing. We're providing a DLL which is loaded via OpenSim's addon system. No coding is required. Just drop it in and go. Learn more about our OpenSim Gloebit Money Module Beta.

Gloebit Plugins and APIs

HTTP requests are pesky. We have the means for avoiding them in your code. Please try out the plugin, class, or module suitable for your design or contact us if we are missing what you need.

If we have what you need, go ahead and download it from our repo. Each is designed to work with our sandbox server by default. When you are ready to go live on our production server, you will change a configuration setting switching from sandbox to production. See our Sandbox Tutorial for example steps for hooking up a Gloebit API.

Unity Web Player

If you’re using the Unity Web Player, we have a free asset in the asset store which enables Authorization, Identity, Character & Inventory Services. You can just drop it in. It’s a great resource for any Unity developer. If you’d like to use our digital currency with Unity, start with the asset from above and then grab our transaction code for Unity here. Gloebit is completely permitted by Unity, but due to asset store policies, we cannot deliver the digital currency component through the asset store yet.

For now, please see the following Github repository for the Gloebit Unity Webplayer asset:

Unity Gloebit asset

HAXE Toolkit

We have a HAXE Toolkit Gloebit class that supports the Authorization, Identity, and Inventory services and the Item Transaction service. (Contact us if you need other services and support added to the class.) It is available via GitHub. The repo includes example code to exercise the class.

Gloebit HAXE class repo


We have a Python Gloebit module that supports all of the Gloebit services (Authorization, Identity, Character, Inventory, and Digital Currency). It and example applications for the Django and Flask frameworks using it are available on GitHub. (currently part of Django application repo)

Examples using

Examples in Other Languages and Toolkits


We have a PHP code example on GitHub that accesses the Gloebit Authorization service to obtain an access token via an Authorization Code Grant request. (We are currently working on a PHP Gloebit library.)

PHP Gloebit authorization example