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Beta Launch of Gloebit Money Module for OpenSim

Posted on February 16, 2016 by

Beta Launch of Gloebit Money Module for OpenSim

Gloebit has developed a drop-in module integrating our currency service with the OpenSimulator virtual world platform. We are testing this beta on a number of public virtual worlds running on OpenSim.

OpenSim Gloebit Money Module Beta

Read our launch announcement on Medium.

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Uniting Virtual Reality With One Digital Currency

Learn More

Find out all the details, where you can test our module or how to request beta access for your grid from the OpenSim Gloebit Money Module section of our developer site.


We’ll continue to post updates such as improvements we’ve made, feedback we’ve received and press coverage here, so check back.


Versions of OpenSim

We’ve built our GMM against all of the following OpenSim versions which are being tested:

If you’d like to try out our OpenSim GMM, see our list of beta test regions.

Updates to the GMM

Feature Requests

This is not an exhaustive list, but rather, a short list of items we think a large portion of the community will want to know have been requested.

Reported Bugs

Posted by Christopher M. Colosi on February 16, 2016