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ZanGrid Enables Gloebit In HyperShopping Regions

Posted on February 3, 2017 by

ZanGrid Enables Gloebit In HyperShopping Regions

These are the first Gloebit enabled VR regions strictly focusing on commerce. It’s a beautiful outdoor mall build. Check it out.

Signs in Zangrid explaining how to use Gloebit

Immediate Success

We consider HyperShopping an immediate success. They only enabled Gloebit earlier this week and we’ve alredy seen over 30 new Gloebit account signups, and about 70 active users who have purchased nearly 200 virtual items. Sales are rolling in for the merchants of HyperShopping. We can’t wait for the weekend spike!

Shop at HyperShopping

We hope all OpenSim users Give it a try. Sign up for a Gloebit account, buy some gloebits and then head over ZanGrid’s HyperShopping regions using their hypergrid teleport url -

Enable Gloebit On Your Grid

Zetamex handled the configuration for ZanGrid and is prepared to do so for their other customers. They made a wonderful blog announcement.

“To the rescue comes Gloebit, a new currency specifically designed for the hypergrid. Gloebit offers stability, usability and a level of integration that has not been seen in OpenSim thus far.”

We’ve had many other grids testing our sytem over the last year and a handful of others, like Mobius Grid who’ve pushed us live on their Grid during that time. We have a couple customers who have enabled Gloebit on their OSGrid regions. Other solution providers have tested Gloebit as well and can enable it for you, and for those managing their own grids, we’ve done our best to make the integration a simple process you can walk through yourself. For some more testimonials, check out the latest article by Maria Korolov on Hypergrid Business.

Our developer website, which needs a little updating with our latest developments, is also another great resource if you’re interested in enabling the Gloebit Money Module on your OpenSim grid or regions.

Posted by Christopher M. Colosi on February 3, 2017