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OpenSim Gloebit Money Module Beta Downloads

Download the example ini file and the dll for your version of OpenSim so that you can install and enable the Gloebit Money Module.

Gloebit example ini file

You'll need to modify this ini file when configuring the Gloebit Money Module.

download Gloebit.ini

Gloebit dll files

Download the dll file which matches or is closest to the version of OpenSim you are running.

OpenSimulator Version

Version Flavor Date Hash Gloebit build 84 release 2015-03-16 c2500d Gloebit DLL post-fixes 2015-10-22 e09c86 Gloebit DLL dev 2015-08-03 c4f863 Gloebit DLL release 2015-12-09 497f57 Gloebit DLL post-fixes 2016-07-03 eb988d Gloebit DLL dev 2015-10-22 719c0d Gloebit DLL dev 2015-11-01 af7c00 Gloebit DLL dev 2015-11-15 53e0cd Gloebit DLL dev 2015-12-27 7831d2 Gloebit DLL dev 2016-02-21 ab12a1 Gloebit DLL dev 2016-07-17 9b4e83 Gloebit DLL dev 2016-08-21 c631ff Gloebit DLL rc1 2016-09-30 bf068f Gloebit DLL rc2 2017-01-09 cd11d2 Gloebit DLL release 2017-08-15 2c8c25 Gloebit DLL release 2018-06-30 6b2da5 Gloebit DLL dev 2016-10-25 7c4f2b Gloebit DLL dev master 2018-12-14 a2c200 Gloebit DLL

Or download a zip file of all dlls

Change Log

Updates to GMM since open beta launch in January 2017

Build 84 on 2018-12-14

Build 75 on 2018-09-11

Build 73 on 2017-08-18

Build 69 on 2017-06-02

Build 68 on 2017-03-15

  • Fixed bug causing crashes on a couple grids where we were dereferencing a client which was somehow unexpectedly null. Now check for null and return and log an the error.