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OpenSim Gloebit Money Module Beta - Configuration Instructions

Enabling Gloebit on your OpenSim grid is quick and simple. There are 3 easy steps.

  1. Request account permission to create apps
  2. Create a Gloebit app
  3. Install and configure the Gloebit Money Module

The details for each of these is below. Just follow the step by step instructions.

We have two environments, a Sandbox testing environment and Production. All of the instructions below are for our Production environment, but if you want to test with fake payments and gloebits, you can replace www with sandbox in all the links below.

Request account permission to create apps

If you haven't already, create a Gloebit account. Remember that our Sanbox and Production environments use completely separate accounts, so if you've been testing on Sandbox, you'll still need to create a Production account and go through all the steps below from that account to create a Production app.

From your Gloebit account, fill in and submit our form for requesting app creation permission. We just need some basic contact info.

You'll need to wait for us to review your request before you can move to creating your app. We'll email you once we have.

Create a Gloebit app

Once your account has been granted permission to create apps, you'll gain access to your merchant tools page where you can create and edit your apps. Go there and either click Configure next to an existing app (we may have created one for you labeled "Unknown") or the Add an Application button, which will take you to an app settings page. Follow the instructions below to set up your app.

Now you have an app and you're ready to install and configure the GMM.


If you are running the Diva distribution of OpenSim, please follow our Diva specific configuration instructions instead of the instructions below.

  1. Install:
    • Download Gloebit.ini and the Gloebit dll for your version of OpenSim
    • Place Gloebit.dll in your opensim/bin/ directory.
    • Place Gloebit.ini in your ConfigDirectory. By default, this is also opensim/bin/. If you are unsure, you can locate the ConfigDirectory value in the [Startup] section of opensim.ini.
  2. Enable: Make required edits to Gloebit.ini and opensim.ini.
    • In Gloebit.ini, set GLBEnvironment = production (or set it to sandbox for a testing app created in our sandbox environment).
    • In Gleobit.ini, set GLBKey and GLBSecret to the "OAuth Key" and "OAuth Secret" from the application you created above.
    • To enable Gloebit across the entire process (for all regions running under this single OpenSim process):
      • In Gloebit.ini, set Enabled = true
      • In opensim.ini, set economymodule = Gloebit (you may need to add this line to the end of your [Startup] section.
    • To enable Gloebit only for specific regions running under this single OpenSim process:
      • In Gloebit.ini, set Enabled = false
      • In Gloebit.ini, set GLBEnabledOnlyInRegion to a whitespace separated list of the region UUIDs for which you would like the GMM enabled.
  3. Improved Robust Experience: Configure all sims to use the same database
    • If you are running multiple sim processes/servers with the GMM enabled, then we recommend you create a single Gloebit database on a server which all sim processes can access, such as on your robust server. If each sim has it's own database, then your users will have to authorize Gloebit from each sim rather than once and will receive session messaging upon entering each sim rather than once per session.
    • Use GLBSpecificConnectionString and GLBSpecificStorageProvider to define a different database for the Gloebit Tables. If not set, the GMM will use the default ConnectionString set by the DatabaseService section of your configuration.
    • You may need to configure your database to allow connections from remote servers and your firewall to allow connections on port 3306 for your sim servers. You can find instructions for this online, but this is advanced, so you should not attempt this unless you know how to secure your firewall.
  4. Optional Gloebit Configuration Options: Make additional edits to Gloebit.ini for improved, user-friendly behavior (None of these are required).
    • If you entered an "OAuth Key Alias" for your application, you can set GLBKeyAlias to this value.
    • Set GLBOwnerName and GLBOwnerEmail to the name and contact details of a manager of this OpenSim process. These are displayed with certain error messages if there is a configuration issue and user is asked to report this problem to this manager.
    • Use GLBSpecificConnectionString and GLBSpecificStorageProvider to define a different database for the Gloebit Tables. If not set, the GMM will use the default ConnectionString set by the DatabaseService section of your configuration.
  5. Make the currency symbol, land sales, and buy-currency button work
    • Tell your users to update to the latest Alchemy or Firestorm viewer. We've patched the viewers to make this all work with no effort from you. Make sure your users have updated to at least the versions below.
    • If you would like to set the currency symbol to G$ across your entire grid, even on regions without the Gloebit Money Module enabled, then set Currency = "G$" in the [LoginService] section of StandaloneCommon.ini, Robust.ini, or Robust.HG.ini.
    • For Standalone grids, you can also get these to work somewhat easily for older viewers by pointing the economy helper-uri in the [GridInfoService] secion of your StandaloneCommon.ini at a region with Gloebit enabled (http://<IP or Domain of Grid>:<Port of Region with Gloebit enabled>). If your [CONST] section is configured in OpenSim.ini, then you can simply uncomment this to economy = ${Const|BaseURL}:9000/ and update the port if necessary. Otherwise, you can hard code this like economy =