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OpenSim Gloebit Money Module Beta - Configuration Instructions for Diva Distro

Enabling Gloebit on your Diva distribution of OpenSim is quick and simple. Add commerce in minutes.

These instructions are for enabling Gloebit on diva-r08210 built on the release of OpenSim and diva-r09000 built on the release of OpenSim. They assume that you have already downloaded and configured Diva following their instructions.

If you have not already done so, you'll need to follow the steps to create a Gloebit app before you can enable and configure the Gloebit Money Module. Click the links below and follow the instructions on our standard configuration instructions page and then return here for the diva specific configuration instructions.

  1. Request account permission to create apps
  2. Create a Gloebit app

Once you've created an app, move on to the Diva configuration instructions below..

Configuration for Diva

If you are not running the Diva distribution of OpenSim, please follow our standard configuration instructions instead of the instructions below.

  1. Install:
  2. edit MyWorld.ini located in the bin/config-include/ directory
    • In the [Startup] section, add the following lines
      ConfigDirectory = "."
      economymodule = Gloebit
    • In the [LoginService] section, add the following line
      Currency = "G$"
    • In the [GridInfoService] section
      • add the line economy = http://<IP or Domain of Grid>:<Port of Region with Gloebit enabled>
        • replace the values with your grid's domain/IP and region's port number.
        • It will look something like the following and will probably be the same as some of the other values in the section
          economy =
    • In the [DatabaseService] section
      • Copy the value that ConnectionString is set to. You'll need this when editing Gloebit.ini below.
  3. edit Gloebit.ini located in the bin/ directory
    • set Enabled = true
      ;# {Enabled} {[Startup]economymodule:Gloebit} {Enable Gloebit Money Module Globally?} {false, true} false
      ;; Set to true to enable GMM for all regions controlled by this OpenSim process.
      ;; Requires that "economymodule = Gloebit" is set in [Economy] or [Startup] section of opensim.ini
      ;; If set to false, can be enabled for individual regions - see GLBEnabledOnlyInRegions below
      Enabled = true
      ;# {GLBEnabledOnlyInRegions} {Enabled:false} {Enable Gloebit Money Module in specific regions by region UUID (space delimited list)?} {*} ""
      ;; If Enabled is false above, you can enable for individual regions controlled by this OpenSim process.
      ;; Set this variable to a whitespace delimited list of region UUIDs
      ;    GLBEnabledOnlyInRegions =
    • set GLBEnvironment = production
      ;; Configure GMM to environment and Gloebit application on that environment to interact with
      ;; see for more details.
      ;; Environments:
      ;;      sandbox - connects to;  fake/sandboxed payments and gloebits;
      ;;     - create sandbox account
      ;;     - request ability to create apps
      ;;     - create app and retrieve Key and Secret
      ;;      production - connects to; real payments and gloebits;
      ;;     - create production account
      ;;     - request ability to create apps
      ;;              (requires manual approval on production before gaining access to merchant tools)
      ;;     - create app and retrieve Key and Secret
      GLBEnvironment = production
    • set GLBKey and GLBSecret to the "OAuth Key" and "OAuth Secret" from the Gloebit application you created earlier.
      ;; Application the GMM on this process will connect to within the environment specified above
      ;; Fill in GLBKey and GLBSecret with values from app created at
      ;; See for more details.
      GLBKey = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
      GLBSecret = 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000
    • Uncomment (by deleting the leading ';') the line GLBSpecificStorageProvider = OpenSim.Data.MySQL.dll and the line below it which starts with GLBSpecificConnectionString =
      ;; Optional - If not configured here, Gloebit will use the DataService 
      ;; ConnectionString
      ;; Purpose - If each Sim process uses it's own database and separate
      ;; set of DB tables from each other sim, then a user will have
      ;; to authorize Gloebit form every sim process and will receive
      ;; our welcome message upon entering every Sim process each
      ;; session. However, if you configure the Gloebit system on every
      ;; sim to point to a single DB either here, or if that is your default
      ;; configuration for your sim, then your users will only have to authorize
      ;; Gloebit once for your app and will only receive our welcome message
      ;; once each session, the first time they enter a gloebit enabled region.
      ;; Both of these settings must be configured together.  See StandaloneCommon.ini.example
      ;; for ConnectionString examples and availiable StorageProviders
      GLBSpecificStorageProvider = OpenSim.Data.MySQL.dll
      GLBSpecificConnectionString = "Data Source=localhost;Database=opensim;User ID=opensim;Password=***;Old Guids=true;"
      ;GLBSpecificStorageProvider = "OpenSim.Data.PGSQL.dll" 
      ;GLBSpecificConnectionString = "Server=localhost;Database=opensim;User Id=opensim; password=***;" 
    • set GLBSpecificConnectionString to the value of ConnectionString you copied above from MyWorld.ini.
      • If the ConnectionString does not have a section which says Old Guids=true; then make sure to add it.
      • It will look something like this:
        GLBSpecificStorageProvider = OpenSim.Data.MySQL.dll
        GLBSpecificConnectionString = "Data Source=localhost;Database=opensim;User ID=opensim;Password=mysecurepw;Old Guids=true;"
    • You can also make these additional edits for some improved user-friendly behavior, but they are not required for the module to function.
      • You can configure what IMs are sent to avatars each session start. To turn off new session messages, set the following:
        ;; The following determine if a user receives messaging at the start of a new session
        ;; A new session is defined as the first time a user enters a Gloebit enabled region for a Gloebit app during a viewer login
        ;# {GLBShowNewSessionPurchaseIM} {Show purchase gloebits IM to user at session start?} {false, true} false
        GLBShowNewSessionPurchaseIM = false
        ;# {GLBShowNewSessionAuthIM} {Show auth app IM to user at session start?} {false, true} true
        GLBShowNewSessionAuthIM = false
      • If you entered an "OAuth Key Alias" for your application, you can set GLBKeyAlias to this value.
        ;; GLBKeyAlias is optional and can be left out.
        ;; If included, this will be used to make some URLs more user-friendly and human-readalbe
        ;; To use, fill this with the OAuth Key Alias registered for this application on Gloebit
        GLBKeyAlias = MyAlias
      • Set GLBOwnerName and GLBOwnerEmail to the name and contact details of a manager of this OpenSim process. These are displayed with certain error messages if there is a configuration issue and user is asked to report this problem to this manager.
        ;; The following are supplied to users in error messages for certain errors for which they should
        ;; contact the person who configured this GMM and app and may need to fix something
        ;; Those messages will include a trailing instruction string formatted like:
        ;; Please contact GLBOnwerName at GLBOwnerEmail if this problem persists.
        ;; GLBOwnerName should be replaced with the neme of the person or avatar which manages this OpenSim process.
        GLBOwnerName = Bob Owner
        ;; GLBOwnerEmail should be replaced with the email address (or other contact mechanism) for the person who manages this OpenSim process.
        GLBOwnerEmail =
  4. Restart your sim so that these changes take effect
  5. Update your Grid Info in your viewer so land sales and buy-currency functionality will work.
  6. Log in and try out your new commerce functionality.